More than a quarter of motorists book in late for their MoT

Since 2012, over £35million in fines have been issued for late MoT’s

According to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), more than a quarter (28%) of cars are booked in late for their MoT.
The investigation also revealed that £35million in fines have been issued to driver’s for the offence since 2012.
Out of the 28% of drivers who’d booked in late for their MoT, two thirds were one week or more over their MoT renewal date.
The DVSA have launched a reminder service for motorists to assist them in making sure their car’s MoT is kept up-to-date. The service is free but you need to sign up to be able to use it.

Since 2012, over £35million in fines have been issued for late MoT's

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All cars over three years old must have an MoT each year, however the Government recently suggested increasing the current three years to four.
If you’re caught without an up-to-date MoT you could be fined as much as £1,000 and during a recent investigation it was discovered that £35million in penalties have been given out to offending motorists in the UK over the past five years.
The 45 UK police forces were sent a Freedom of Information request and since 2012, motorists up and down the country have been handed 424,316 penalties for being on the road without a valid MoT certificate.
The fine handed out to drivers caught with an out-of-date MoT is normally a £100 fixed penalty notice, however if the case ends up in court the fine could rise to £1,000.
According to figures gathered from the 36 police forces who replied to the request, each region earns around £7.5million on average just from MoT fines.
The DVSA shares its data related to MoT’s with the police, who use ANPR cameras to catch motorists with an out-of-date MoT certificate.
The force who’ve handed out the most penalties to drivers for the offence during the past five years is West Yorkshire Police (121,000), with the Metropolitan Police following in second place, with more than 64,000 penalties.
A recent poll carried out by Auto Express found that one third of motorists admitted that they’d forgotten to renew their current MoT in time – and 12% said they’d left it out-of-date for more than a month.
The DVSA’s recently announced reminder service is available to all drivers but you must sign up to use it. It will then send you reminders via email or text message to inform you in advance as to when you’re vehicle is due for its annual MoT test.
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