Our Top 10 Best Car Accessories Of 2020

It’s the Little Things in Life That Make All the Difference!


Most modern cars today include all the latest technology to help the driver get from A to B as easily and comfortably as possible but despite this all being at our fingertips at the flick of a switch or the touch of a button, we still need those extra little accessories that make life a little bit easier and more comfortable for everyone on board.

Whether it’s keeping the inside of the car clean and tidy or charging your devices whilst on the go, or finding something that keeps the younger passengers organised in the back with everything they might need on a long journey, there’s an accessory on the market waiting for you to buy, many of which won’t break the bank but will make life much easier.

There’s a myriad of car accessories to choose from that are made to make life easier for all adults out on the road but there’s also a wide choice of accessories available that will keep the little ones in the rear happy and quiet, which in turn means happy parents or grandparents and that’s always a good thing!

And for those with pets who love nothing more than a trip with their owners in the car, there’s plenty of pet accessories to choose from, most of which are aimed at keeping the car clean, tidy and free from dog hairs.

We are a nation of accessory lovers who enjoy adorning our cars with everything from funny stickers on the exterior to furry dice hanging from the rear view mirror to more useful accessories such as a car boot liner or car rubbish bin but we also buy products that can help us in the event of a breakdown such as an emergency winter kit.

These kits contain everything you might need in the event of a car breakdown – fortunately, with a short term lease from Flexed, breakdown cover is included within the contract – call 0800 311 8290 for more information.

There’s also lots of accessories to help during the Autumn/Winter months, when the weather turns bad. A car windscreen cover costs less than £15 and will save you so much time first thing in the morning during cold snaps when there’s snow or ice to deal with.

So, whatever your need for a car accessory may be, there’s a huge selection of things to choose from, 10 of which you’ll find in our list below (in no particular order), which we hope gives you an idea about some of the items you can buy to make life easier when out on the roads.

Our Top 10 Best Car Accessories:

1. Car Windscreen Cover – a very useful car accessory that prevents the build-up of snow or ice on your windscreen during the colder months of the year but can also be used in the summer to keep the sun out.

There’s plenty on the market to choose from, with prices starting from around £8 – a small price to pay for an item that’s going to save you time and effort first thing in the morning on a cold winter’s day!

2. Pet Hair Remover – if your furry friend loves coming with you in the car, then one of these might come in handy. There’s a wide range to choose from and they aren’t overly expensive, most of them are less than £15 to buy.

When you lease a new/brand new car from Flexed, we understand and accept that your pet pooches might want to travel with you but we do expect you to keep your lease car in tip top condition both inside and out, so anything that helps to keep the interior clean and tidy is a good idea.

3. Car Rubbish Bin – a must-have accessory in any car to keep the interior clear from any kind of rubbish. Most of them are foldable, with a lid to keep the smells out of the car and can be easily tied onto the back of a rear seat and removed once full to be emptied into a waste bin at home.

Once again, a cheap car accessory with prices starting from around £6 – not a lot to pay for keeping your car interior clean, tidy and rubbish free.

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4. Car Boot Liner – these come in all sort of styles, shapes and sizes but pretty much do the same thing – they protect your boot from dirt and grime.

If you carry a pet dog in the boot, these are the ideal accessory as they prevent dirt and dog hairs from spoiling the original car boot lining. Most of the ones you can buy are waterproof, non-slip and washable, with side and bumper protection for extra comfort.

We have a fine selection of cars to choose from that are pet friendly, such as the Skoda Octavia Estate 1.5 TSI SE Technology 5dr from £449.99 excl. VAT per month and in stock NOW – price based on a 28 day rolling contract, call 0800 311 8290 to order yours TODAY!

5. Car Emergency Kit – a very handy and useful accessory that should be kept in the car at all times in the event of an emergency such as a breakdown.

These kits contain everything you might need if the worst was to happen, especially during the winter months. There are various kits available to choose from, some of which contain more items than others but the bigger kits contain items such as jump starters, hi-vis vest, first aid kit, warning triangle, flash light, towing rope and so on..

6. Car Seat Covers – car seat covers are a great idea if you want to save the original ones from getting ripped or dirty.

You can purchase them as a pack for both the front seats and the rear or for just the two front seats or for the back seat only – it all depends on what usage your seats have to deal with every day.

7. Furry Dice – who doesn’t love a set of fluffy, furry dice hanging from their rear view mirror!

They come in all sorts of colours and have become one of the most popular novelty car accessories of our time and rightly so, they’re super cute.

8. Dual USB Port Car Charger – a must have car accessory for quick charging your mobile devices whilst on the go using the cigarette lighter.

There’s plenty to choose from and start from as little as £7, so if you spend a lot of time on the road for work etc.. this gadget might come in handy.

9. Car Back Seat Organiser – fantastic for keeping everything a child might need on a journey in one handy place that attaches to the back seat. They usually come as a pack of two, one for each back seat.

They can hold everything from an iPad to a drink, soft toy to a reading book or pencils and paper, anything basically that will keep your child entertained on a long journey but can be easily reached within one tidy place.

10. Car Vacuum Cleaner – a handy little device that gets into all the nooks and crannies inside a car to do the job properly.

Prices start from around £20, so there’s no excuses for not keeping your car clean.



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