The number of cars left dumped on the side of the road triples in 5 years

Increase blamed on the rise of scrappage costs amongst other things

According to information gathered by via a Freedom of Information request, the number of cars left abandoned on the side of the road has tripled in 5 years and the increase is being blamed on the rise of scrappage costs.
In 2016, local councils in the UK received reports relating to 147,616 cases of vehicles being dumped by the roadside.
More than 400 councils up and down the country revealed their figures and back in 2012, just 40,876 abandoned cars were reported – this figure has now more than tripled since 2016!
Between 2016 and 2017, local councils spent £933,379 on the removal of abandoned cars, yet only managed to recover £115,601 during the same period in fines – on average around £132 per car.

Increase blamed on the rise of scrappage costs

The number of cars left dumped on the side of the road triples in 5 years © Copyright David Smith and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

In a separate survey, 60% of drivers questioned said they think abandoned cars are an eyesore, with one fifth claiming they’d spotted one in the area they lived in.
President of the AA, Edmund King, believes the increase is mainly down to scrappage costs. Once over, you could get £150 for scrapping a car, whereas nowadays you might have to pay someone £100 to take it away as the price of metal has fallen in recent years.
“The rising cost of fuel, car insurance and tax is overwhelming some motorists, causing some of them to ditch their vehicles when they breakdown,” said motoring editor at, Amanda Stretton.
Abandoned vehicles are a real eyesore and should be reported to your local council if there’s one you believe has been dumped in your neighbourhood. The council will try and find out who the owner of the vehicle is or have it removed.
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