Have you noticed fewer squashed insect marks on your windscreen lately?

According to the experts, this could mean a significant decline in bugs

Ever sat and wondered why suddenly you’re not having to wash the car windscreen as much to get rid of those nasty splatterings of dead bugs?
Apparently, quite a number of motorists here in the UK have been wondering and questioning why there’s less dead wasps, flies and moths on their car windscreens recently, which has resulted in scientists fearing that these type of insects could be in decline.
However, experts in this field have noticed a decline in the number of insects over the past 20 years or so.

According to the experts, this could mean there's a significant decline in bugs

Have you noticed fewer squashed insect marks on your windscreen lately? © Copyright Anne Burgess and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

A group of amateur entomologists from Germany’s Krefeld Entomological Society have been collecting data after monitoring over 100 nature reserves in Western Europe since the 1980’s and found the level of insects has dropped significantly in recent years.
The group went back in 2013 to one of their trapping sites, created in 1989, and discovered that the number of insects had fallen by almost 80%, with further samples being analysed which confirmed their findings.
This phenomenon might be welcome news to motorists who now have to clean their car windscreen less often but for insect-eating birds, fewer insects means less food for them and their young.
Experts are blaming what’s now known as the ‘windscreen phenomenon’ on the growing use of pesticides during the past 50 years and according to many, other kinds of insects have also been affected.
As a result of increased chemical use, bee colonies have fallen by around a third since 2006.
According to the chief executive from insect charity Buglife, Matt Shadlow, this phenomenon is true and reported that a member of the public had been in contact with them, saying: “the front of my car is now devoid of insects and there are virtually no moths in the headlights.”
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