Not again! Where have I put my car keys?

And it seems women drivers are the ones more likely to be looking for them!

According to the findings of a survey conducted by the RAC, it seems that women drivers are the ones more likely to lose their car keys than men.
However, despite this revelation, 16 million drivers in the UK confessed to misplacing the car key quite often, whilst two million (one in 20) said they’d been lost and never found – alarmingly out of this unlucky group around 120,000 admitted to losing their keys permanently more than once!
To replace these disappearing keys costs £181 million a year, an average of around £176, however today’s modern keys featuring more electronic parts could set you back as much as £500.

Not again! Where have I put my car keys?

Lost your car keys? It seems women drivers are the ones more likely to be looking for them!

It seems that women drivers are more likely to misplace their car keys, with 45% saying they often couldn’t remember where they last put them, compared to 38% of men. It’s the male drivers however, who are the ones more likely to lock the keys in the car – 30% in comparison to women drivers (23%).
A staggering mix of both men and women managed to achieve this very stupid feat and tried to gain entry using a variety of ways and means, including calling a locksmith or a breakdown service – though quite a few (300,000) couldn’t wait and smashed a window in desperation!
A total of 2,068 UK motorists were polled by the RAC, who found that drivers searched for lost keys on average for around two minutes and 10 seconds – this equates to 14 wasted hours a year for the most forgetful of motorists.
Losing the car keys does seem to result in many a quarrel for some couples, as one in three drivers confessed that their forgetfulness or frequent search for keys all over the house frustrated their other half and on occasion led to a few crossed words.
“When it comes to car keys the evidence suggests that we are a forgetful and careless bunch,” said RAC spokesman Pete Williams.
“The RAC dealt with over 57,000 members with key-related problems including lock-outs and faulty locks in 2017, so it is always good to know where your spare key is so a friend or family member can find it in a crisis,” added Mr Williams.
According to SunLife, older drivers are the ones most at risk if they breakdown, especially on a Smart motorway as they are less use to them and are also less likely to have taken out breakdown cover. As a result, it’s older drivers who could be faced with costly recovery bills of anywhere up to £250.
“Many drivers in their 50s, 60s and 70s who learned to drive before the introduction of smart motorways may be unaware of the fines, penalties and risk to life of not using these routes properly,” said Simon Stanney, General Insurance Director for SunLife.
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