No more white lines and road signs could reduce collisions

Research suggests white lines and road signs are a distraction

Road safety groups in the UK have said that a reduction in the number of road markings, road signs and traffic lights could significantly reduce the country’s road collision rate.
Research suggests that motorists are likely to reduce their speed and drive more carefully when they are confronted with an unmarked road, especially when driving against oncoming traffic.
According to the research, the average speed of a driver will fall by 13 per cent when there are no white road markings to guide them along.

Road markings and signs can distract motorists

Research suggests road markings are a distraction

As a result of the research – which has received approval from some of the UK’s road safety groups – Transport for London has decided not to repaint the central white line on the A22, A23 and the A100, after these A roads were resurfaced last year. These “self enforcing schemes” are the most effective way to reduce speeding, according to safety charity, RoadPeace.
A pilot scheme to remove line markings on narrow roads in Norfolk will be implemented this year, as similar tests in Derbyshire and Wiltshire proved successful.
A similar road scheme that has been adopted in Ashford has been attributed to a 41 per cent decrease in the number of road accident injuries recorded in the last three years; while the removal of traffic lights in Poynton has resulted in a 70 per cent decrease in the number of non-rush-hour collisions.
However, there are some people who think the removal of road markings is a dangerous idea. Paul Watters, the head of roads policy at the AA, told The Times: “…highly visible markings at the edge and centre of the road that can be seen on a wet night are enormously cost-effective in saving lives.”
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