New survey suggests company car drivers munch through SIX sandwiches in a week whilst driving

And SIX bags of crisps too, of course!

A new survey by Skoda has unearthed what company car drivers get up to when their behind the wheel and it seems as though they enjoy a fair few snacks along the way.
In the past, it’s been revealed that company car drivers spend around three years of their working life behind the wheel, however it actually turns out they spend around 13 hours per week inside their vehicle but four of these hours are probably spent sat in a queue.
The average company car driver manages to cover almost half a million miles during his career which is quite alarming, yet this only equates to 235 miles travelled in a week, not so much different to what the average driver in the UK will cover.

And SIX bags of crisps too, of course!

New survey suggests company car drivers munch through SIX sandwiches in a week whilst driving! © Copyright Chris Downer and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

And how many hot drinks do they get through every year – 614! It’s no wonder we have so many drive-thru coffee shops popping up across the country.
The survey also claims they make more than 350 hands-free calls, rely on their sat nav twice a day and confess to singing along to eight songs every week!
What did surprise Skoda when they carried out the survey was the eating habits of company car drivers, as they manage to munch their way through SIX sandwiches during one working week, along with SIX bags of crisps, of course!
Five working days in a week yet they get through six sandwiches and six packets of crisps, maybe they have one day when they feel extra hungry!
As part of the survey, 1,000 business professionals were quizzed and it turns out that two in three company drivers estimate they spend more time in their car than they do sat at home on the sofa, yet only one in three said they actually enjoy driving.
It looks as though a company car drivers vehicle isn’t just a way of getting from A to B but an office on wheels and where they spend the most time.
With 20% admitting it’s the only ‘me time’ they get, it seems as though jumping in their car, munching on a tasty sandwich and cracking open a bag of crisps, whilst singing along to a groovy tune isn’t such a bad thing after all.
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