New scheme introduced for End of Life Vehicles (ELV)

New ‘orphan vehicle’ recovery and recycling scheme launched by SMMT

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has teamed up with recycling business Autogreen to increase the UK’s End of Life Vehicles (ELV) recycling rate in order to meet with the European Union’s increased target.
The new scheme, which launched on February 2, has been given the nod from the British automotive industry and the government, after the EU recently raised the recovery and recycling target for ELVs to 95 per cent, from 85 per cent.
The SMMT will work together with Autogreen to recover and recycle ‘orphan vehicles’; that is, vehicles which were manufactured by a company that is no longer in operation and, therefore, no longer running its own recovery scheme, which auto manufacturers are currently obliged to do, in accordance with the EU’s End of Life Vehicles (ELV) Directive.

'Orphan vehicle' recycling scheme launched

New scheme launched to increase ELV recycling

The new scheme managed and overseen by SMMT and Autogreen, will be especially appealing to orphan vehicles owners, as they are offering their recovery and recycling service free-of-charge. SMMT hope that the new take-back service “will help ensure that the estimated 700,000 orphan vehicles still on British roads have a route to responsible disposal.”
The current figures suggest that ELV recycling in the UK has already reached impressive levels, with an overall recycling rate of 88.9 per cent recorded in 2013, and industry figures suggests that that number has only increased in the years since. A spokesperson for SMMT said that cars are already “one of the most efficiently recycled consumer products” within the UK.
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