New research reveals top 'crash for cash' hotspots

Birmingham is the UK hotspot for vehicle insurance fraud

New research carried out by insurance provider Aviva reveals that British insurers thwarted 3,000 ‘crash for cash’ claimers in 2015, with Birmingham taking the top spot for the area most affected by this type of insurance fraud.
The research suggests that the new set of measures, which were introduced by the Insurance Taskforce (IFT) and approved by the UK government earlier this year, are not working as effectively as hoped.

Birmingham hotspot for 'crash for cash' incidents

Birmingham’s roads are the most affected by auto insurance fraudsters

The new measures were designed to make it tougher for motorists to getaway with sham insurance claims by encouraging data sharing and collaboration between insurance providers and regulatory bodies. The UK government also introduced new obstacles for anyone wanting to claim compensation for non-existent whiplash injuries.
According to the figures, one in four of the 3,000 detected ‘crash for cash’ frauds in 2015 took place in Birmingham.
The Insurance Fraud Bureau suggests that ‘crash for cash’ incidents (when a driver purposefully crashes with an unsuspecting motorist in order to claim on their insurance) cost UK insurance providers £336million a year (and that doesn’t include the £2bn for whiplash claims).
Top 10 UK areas for ‘crash for cash’ incidents:
1. Birmingham
2. North London
3. East London
4. Leeds
5. Harrow
6. North West London
7. Bradford
8. Luton
9. Coventry
10. Oldham
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