New report suggest a shortage of skilled automotive workers

A recent survey suggests that 5,000 vacancies are unfulfilled in the automotive industry

A survey commissioned by the Automotive Industrial Partnership has found that there is a significant shortage of skilled workers in the automotive industry within the UK.
The research was carried out by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) Industry Forum who surveyed automotive manufacturers and auto component producers within the UK on behalf of the industry and the British government, both of whom are concerned about the long-term implications of a critical shortage of skilled automotive workers.
The survey suggests that there are 5,000 available vacancies within the British automotive industry and a severe shortage of skilled workers to fill these positions. The SMMT Industry Forum found that the unfulfillment of 19% of these vacancies has a detrimental effect upon productivity within the automotive industry.
Many of the vacancies are in the engineering sector of auto manufacturing, especially in design and production. In order to meet the demands of the industry, automotive manufacturers have been hiring skilled workers from oversees and using contractors on a temporary basis.
Jo Lopes, of Jaguar Land Rover and chair of the Automotive Industrial Partnership, commented: “These are very significant findings which present a valuable basis for government and industry to jointly tackle this issue head-on and ensure that the growth potential of the industry in the coming years is fulfilled.”
The surveys comes as the UK celebrated an impressive sales year in 2015, with a record 1.59 million vehicles produced within the year. However, with experts forecasting that that number will reach two million by 2020, it is now crucial that the government and automotive firms tackle this shortage head on.
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