New figures reveal the extent of UK drug-driving problem

Around 8,000 motorists were arrested for drug-driving last year

Nearly 8,000 motorists across England and Wales were arrested over the last year in relation to drug-driving offences.
New figures have revealed that some police forces are experiencing a 35-fold rise in drug-driving arrests, after new laws were brought out last March.
Between March 2015 and April 2016, 7,796 arrests were made by the police, on motorists who the suspected of driving whilst on drugs, according to numbers collected by the BBC, under the Freedom of Information Act.
The Metropolitan Police made the most drug-driving arrests, 1636, meaning on average, four arrests per day. Second was Greater Manchester Police, with 573 arrests and third, Cheshire Police, with 546 arrests made since March 2, 2015.
If found guilty of a drug-driving offence, you can be given an unlimited fine, a one-year driving ban, up to six months in prison and a criminal record, which will be applied to your driving licence for eleven years.
Other problems connected to having a conviction for drug-driving offences, include difficulties when going abroad and more costly insurance.
Gloucestershire Chief Constable, Suzette Davenport, said: “The drug testing kit and the legislation are immensely helpful and have provided the operational officer with the tools necessary to help catch those who take the risk of drug-driving.”
“People who previously got away with driving under the influence of controlled drugs are now being detected and prosecuted.”
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