New diesel parking surcharge launched in central London

Drivers of pre-2015 diesel cars will have to pay a £2.45 parking surcharge

A new diesel parking surcharge has been launched in London by Westminster Council.
Drivers of pre-2015 diesel vehicles will be charged a £2.45 ‘D-Charge’ for parking in certain areas of central London, in a bid to tackle the issue of air pollution.
The new ‘D-Charge’ is set to be trialled in Hyde Park, Marylebone and some parts of Fitzrovia says Westminster Council. The hourly parking rate will rise by 50% for all owners of pre-2015 diesel cars as a result of the new D-Charge.

Drivers of pre-2015 diesel cars will have to pay a £2.45 parking surcharge

New diesel parking surcharge launched in central London to help fight air pollution in the capital © Copyright Thomas Nugent and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

Westminster will be the first town hall in the country to introduce a penalty on drivers of diesel vehicles wanting to park in a space.
The current charge for one hour parking in Westminster is £4.90, however with the introduction of the new ‘D-Charge’, diesel car owners will now have to pay £7.35 an hour to park.
By introducing the ‘D-Charge’, the City of Westminster hopes the extra payment will discourage motorists from driving into central London in diesel vehicles that add to air pollution in the capital.
Apparently, the money collected from the extra surcharge will be used to support and promote “sustainable transport.”
The new charge plans were announced in January this year.
According to Westminster’s cabinet member for environment, sports and community, councilor David Harvey, the extra charges will hopefully make motorists think twice about driving vehicles that are polluting the air and encourage the uptake of cleaner transport.
The new ‘D-Charge’ will co-exist with the current Congestion Charge and the recently announced T-Charge when it comes into operation later in the year.
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