New 3D concept tyres unveiled by Michelin

Tyres will be resistant to flats, tell the driver when they need changing AND never need pumping up!

The French tyre manufacturing company Michelin have unveiled a new concept tyre which could change the future of tyre technology in a huge way.
Their 3D concept tyre has been created as part of the Vision project – the all-in-one tyre is made from biodegradable materials and coated in rubber, which means that when the tyre wears down, it can be topped up with a fresh layer of rubber.
Due to 3D technology, these smart tyres of the future will be resistant to flats, be able to tell the driver when they need changing and never need pumping up – that’s if Michelin’s new concept does actually become a reality.

The tyres will be resistant to flats, tell the driver when they need changing AND never need pumping up!

New concept tyres unveiled by Michelin © Copyright Christopher Hilton and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

The design of the tyre has been inspired by the human body, particularly to the air sacks in the lungs. The fact that they’re airless means the tyres will be resistant to blowouts and flats.
The new concept tyre was unveiled at the 2017 Movin’ On conference which took place in Montreal last week.
The tyre is 3D printed from recycled organic materials such as straw, wood chips, orange peel and sugar by-products. It’s then covered with a thin rubber layer which provides the tread on the tyre.
The French company predict the tyre will be reusable, so when the rubber tread wears down, motorists will be able to book their vehicle in for a printed layer of new rubber tread.
They even believe the tread could be altered depending on the climate they’re in, so if a skiing holiday is on the cards, a winter pattern could be printed out.
Customers will also be notified when the tyres need recovering thanks to onboard monitoring sensors which keep an eye on the condition of the tyres.
The many features of the Vision concept tyre could be controlled via specially coded Print & Go app.
No time frame regarding development and commercial release has been confirmed by Michelin, however designer and head of the project, Mostapha El-Oulhani, said in a press statement the tyre is ‘a promise that is within reach’.
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