Motorists could be using their car’s air conditioning system incorrectly

With the hot weather set to continue, here’s how to get the most out of your air con


The UK continues to enjoy scorching hot temperatures, with predictions for next week claiming some parts of the country are going to be basking in days as hot as 35°C – good news for sun-worshippers but for many of us it’s a daily battle trying to stay cool and this continues when we jump into our cars.

According to SEAT, the Spanish automobile manufacturers, a large number of drivers don’t use their climate control correctly, leading to our cars not being as cool inside as they could be.

And in these super hot temperatures, it’s what many motorists rely on to stay cool whilst driving.

With the hot weather set to continue, here's how to get the most out of your air con

Motorists could be using their car’s air conditioning system incorrectly


The Spanish carmakers claim that driving in a hot car can affect a person’s reaction times. A car interior at 35°C can see the reaction times of a driver drop by 20% in comparison to an interior at 25°C.

According to SEAT, many drivers use their air conditioning incorrectly and one of the biggest mistakes many motorists make is turning it on full blast the moment we jump in our cars.

All that happens when you do this, is you allow the same hot air to recirculate around the interior of your car.

The first thing you should do before anything else is open the doors and all the windows to allow fresh air inside whilst the system gets started up. After a minute or so, close them all up and switch your air conditioning to the coldest setting.

Pointing the jets so the air hits you directly is another common mistake that drivers make, as all this does is cause the rest of the interior to get hotter.

The best thing to do is point them towards the roof, as this allows the cold air to spread all over the interior, lowering the overall temperature for everyone inside rather than just cooling off one individual.

Leaving the air recirculation option switched on may also make it harder to cool the car down as quick but by using the ‘auto’ option, this allows the interior to hold onto cool air yet still circulates enough outside to ensure the windows don’t steam up.

Making sure your air conditioning is maintained on a regular basis will also ensure that the air conditioning system in your car continues to work as it should.


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