Motorists in the UK would like to see motorway pubs banned

Many would much prefer a big name supermarket to visit instead

A new survey has found that motorists in the UK would like to see motorway pubs banned, preferring to have a big name supermarket to visit instead.
Pubs located along UK motorways don’t seem to be such a big hit with British motorists, with many saying they’re one of the things they’d most like to see banned and would instead prefer to be able to visit a big name supermarket such as Sainsbury’s or Tesco.
As part of the survey, more than 1,000 drivers were questioned and the results showed that 40% of drivers would like to see pubs banned from motorways, whilst 35% said they’d do away with billboard advertising and 16% would get rid of fast food outlets from motorways.
A few other frustrations named in the survey relating to UK motorways included speed cameras, lane hoggers, caravans, petrol stations and lorry drivers out on Sundays.

Many would sooner have a big name supermarket to visit instead

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The poll was carried out by Servicing Stop, who asked those taking part to list what they would like to see banned from UK motorways and what they would prefer to see a lot more of.
A staggering 56% named the presence of a supermarket as one of their most preferred features such as a Sainsbury’s or a Tesco, whilst 25% said a few retail outlets such as an IKEA would help with a long journey.
More petrol stations were requested by 11% of those taking part, whilst 7% would like to see more picnic areas, independent shops, EV charging points and better priced hotels.
A good number of respondents claimed that motorway service stations in France and Germany were perfect role models that the UK could look at due to their picnic areas and green open spaces.
There’s around 95 motorway services currently in the UK with the first ever pub opening in 2014. The Hope and Champion is located at Junction 2 just as you come off the M40.
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