Motorists say: "Bring back the paper tax disc!"

Many drivers still mourning the loss of the paper tax disc two years on

Despite the fact that the paper tax disc was scrapped two years ago, motorists are still mourning the loss of the disc and according to a recent survey carried out by a comparison website, many drivers are asking for it to be brought back.

Of the 6,000 people surveyed, around three quarters (74.6%), said that they would like the DVLA to re-introduce the paper tax disc, as seeing it in their car helped them to remember when their tax was up for renewal.
The DVLA scrapped the paper tax disc back in October 2014 and since then, motorists have complained about the number of fines being handed out.

The move by the DVLA to modernise the way in which we tax our vehicle has left many motorists forgetting their tax renewal date, despite receiving a reminder from the DVLA through the post.

The DVLA has had to deal with myriad complaints after the changes were made, mainly from motorists claiming that they had been fined unfairly for not renewing their car tax and that the DVLA had not correctly informed the British public about the new methods of taxing their vehicle.

Many motorists have also been left disappointed at being unable to buy second-hand cars with tax left on them and have complained about receiving fines for cars they have recently purchased, unaware that the tax was up for renewal.

Some motorists complained about buying a second-hand car part way into a month but still having to pay for the whole month’s tax and if they sold a car, they only received a refund back for full months, despite both of these instances being in operation when the paper tax disc was in use.

The DVLA suffered an unexpected huge dip in revenue because of the change over to the new system. In the year ending March 2016, only 17 months after scrapping the paper tax disc, revenue from vehicle tax fell by £93m, from £6.23 billion to £5.93 billion. However, the new online system is reportedly going to save the DVLA £10m per year.
The new system does benefit from a number of positive changes for motorists. You can now tax your vehicle online and rather than having to pay the full amount up-front, you have the option to set up a monthly direct debit, helping motorists to spread the cost over a 12-month period.

If you’re still having problems remembering when your car tax is due, try keeping an old tax disc on your car windscreen, or set up a reminder that will alert you close to your renewal date.
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