Mercedes unveil futuristic Vision G-Code

Mercedes-Benz have unveiled a revolutionary concept SUV which uses its paintwork to power itself.
The futuristic Vision G-Code was unveiled at Mercedes’ research centre in Beijing and uses a multi-voltaic silver paint which acts as a solar panel to generate energy.
The multi-voltaic paint also allows the car to generate energy from wind as an electrostatic charge while in motion. If that wasn’t enough, the car’s suspension also generates a charge to help power the car.
Underneath the bonnet, the Vision G-Code is powered by a hybrid engine – but one with a bit of a difference. The rear wheels of the car are powered by an electric motor while the front wheels are powered by a hydrogen combustion engine.
The most striking aspect of the Vision G-Code’s appearance is the wrap-around glass which from the driver-side window across the windshield to the passenger-side window.
Internal lights on the dash glow blue when the car is parked, purple when the car is in hybrid mode and red when in sport mode.
The interior of the car also features anti-dirt fabrics, and 3D body scanners which monitor the biometrics of each individual passenger, switching to massage mode if it detects passengers are tired.
To top things off, the car pump oxygen produces by its hydrogen drivetrain into the cabin, increasing air quality for driver and passengers.

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