Mercedes electric car rental lease

Want to lease the new Mercedes B Class electric car? Flexed has this innovative and classy electric vehicle in stock now for rental.

Drive in Mercedes Benz comfort, safe in the knowledge that you are producing zero CO2 emissions, in a car that’s quiet and energy efficient, and based on the tried and tested B Class.

The B Class Electric Drive is exactly the same as the petrol or diesel-fuelled version, except when you look under the bonnet to find its innovative electric motor.

That means you still get the 500-litre boot space, legendary comfort, and all the mod cons you expect to come with the famous badge.

Mercedes electric car lease

Mercedes electric car hire is hassle-free and cost-effective for businesses and personal customers at competitive prices, with delivery across the UK. Call Flexed today for an instant quote.

With a range of up to 124 miles, you’re never far from a rapid charging point. This means you can plan your journey knowing that there are around 10,000 electric vehicle charging points around the country.

Rapid charging points give your rental B Class Electric Drive an 80% charge within 30 minutes – the average time spent by drivers in a motorway service station.

Charge your rented Mercedes Electric Drive overnight via a 16-amp home wall socket; and drive through the centre of London without having to pay the Congestion Charge.

Enjoy an average “miles per gallon equivalent” energy consumption of about 84mpge, which is less than 6p per mile.

Increased range means B Class Electric Drive is now ideal for rental both as a city car, or for medium to long journeys.

Whether it’s for a short term rental, or a deal over several weeks or months, Flexed has the right electric car rental deals on Mercedes for every occasion. We have electric cars in stock for you today.

Looking for something longer term, or thinking of regularly using electric vehicles? We can advise your business on installing a charging point so your rental vehicle is ready to go every morning.

Contact our electric vehicle rental experts at Flexed for a competitive quote today on Mercedes Electric Drive cars.

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