March 1 – the new '18' number plate arrives in the UK tomorrow

But how many drivers actually know what the number/letter combinations on our reg plates mean?

Tomorrow, the 1st of March, will see the new replacement number plate arriving in the UK – out with the ’67s’ and in with the new ’18s’ for the next six months.
The new number plates represent brand new cars on the road and for the next six months of 2018 they will remain the newest vehicles out there, yet according to a new study it seems that many drivers have no idea what our car number plates are actually telling us.
Apparently, just one out of three drivers (38%) have some knowledge of what the first two letters on a number plate mean.
Out of a poll of 2,000 motorists, is seems that one in eight drivers over the age of 55 were not able to learn anything about the car they drive by looking at its license plate, whilst research found that drivers aged 17 to 25 years fared even worse, as one in five from this age group couldn’t explain what number plates are telling us.
For anyone who loves driving there’s nothing more exciting than getting behind the wheel of a brand new car on the first day of a new number plate release, so what better time of the year to start thinking about leasing a brand new ’18’ plate car!
But what exactly do the numbers and letters tell us about our registration plates?
The first two letters tell the driver where the car was registered –  the first one tells you what region your car originated from, whilst the second letter is related to which DVLA office the car was registered at.
The two numbers represent how old the car is, so tomorrow when the new ’18’ plates arrive, they will represent all new cars from that day until the 1st September when they will be replaced with the ’68’ plate for the next six months, taking us into 2019.
As for the last three letters, they’re simply chosen randomly and provide the car with a unique identity.
The current registration plate scheme that the DVLA use will remain the same right up until 2050/51, so there’s no excuse for not learning and understanding what the number plate on your next new lease car actually means!

What the number/letter combinations mean on our registration plates
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