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Nissan Lease Deals

Nissan create reliable, budget-friendly cars without compromising on innovation. With modern styling and longstanding reputation for quality, there’s nothing not to like in a Nissan. And with a Nissan monthly lease deal from Flexed, you can try one out for yourself.

Whether you need to bridge an awkward gap between other cars, or only require the flexibility of a rolling monthly lease, Flexed can help. We have a range of Nissan short term lease deals available to suit a variety of situations. Just in touch with our team to hear how we can help. You could be able to enjoy your new Nissan soon without having to worry about long-term commitments with Flexed. Standard pricing includes full vehicle maintenance, breakdown cover as well as road tax. Optional comprehensive insurance cover and UK-wide delivery are available.

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If there’s a specific model you’re interested in or if you’d like more information about short-term leasing or long-term rental please contact us today!

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