Looking After Your Lease Car From FLEXED

How To Keep Your Lease Car in Tip Top Condition!


We know vehicle maintenance is part of our short term lease contracts when you lease a new car from Flexed but it’s also very important that you look after and maintain your chosen lease car yourself whilst it’s in your possession, to keep it looking and running as fresh as the day you collected or took delivery of it.

Weekly Check

FLEXED - short term car leases

A weekly check of your lease car from Flexed ensures it stays as fresh, clean and reliable as the day you collected or took delivery of it!

Even though your lease car will be maintained and serviced by us for however long you drive it for, we advise carrying out a weekly check to ensure everything is working as it should be and this includes:

  • Checking the tyre pressure
  • Checking the engine oil level
  • Checking the windscreen washer fluids
  • Checking radiator and coolant levels
  • Ensuring all lights are working correctly
  • Looking for chips or cracks in the windscreen

Just carrying out a simple maintenance check like this once a week will only take a short amount of your time but will make sure your chosen lease car continues to run smoothly and efficiently.

Regular Cleaning

The interior and exterior of the car should be cleaned regularly to help keep it both fresh on the inside and sparking on the outside. You might want to polish your lease car occasionally to help reduce the effects of stone chips and to keep your car looking super shiny.

Try not to use your lease car as a dumping ground for rubbish, as this can leave a nasty smell that’s hard to get rid of. If you’re a smoker, you might want to avoid doing so whilst driving as this could make the inside of your lease car smell bad and it’s incredibly hard to get rid of the smell of smoke as it can can deep root itself into the fabric.

If you travel with pets in your lease car, please use a pet cover on the back seat to keep it clean or use a dog crate in the back.

Paintwork Care

We recommend checking over every area of the exterior of your lease car regularly to look for any noticeable damage to the paintwork – this should be repaired by yourself as soon as possible if you believe it’s happened whilst the car has been in your possession to avoid end of contract charges.

FLEXED - short term car leases

At home, store your car key/fob in a safe place out of sight to avoid car thieves.


Please make sure the key to your chosen lease car is always kept in a safe place at home and in a different place to the spare key. Car thieves target homes looking for an easy way to steal a car and use clever ways to get away with it – they don’t even have to enter your home to steal the keys, so the main key should be left somewhere out of sight so it can’t be stolen or scanned by thieves. Ensure both sets of keys are returned at the end of your lease contract.

The Handbook

Most vehicles come with a handbook which should be read by yourself before using the vehicle and should be referred to if you have any kind of operational issues. The handbook must be kept with your lease car at all times – we suggest leaving it in the glove box – and be returned with the vehicle at the end of your lease contract.

Sign Writing

If you wish to add company decals to your lease vehicle, you must first get permission from your finance provider before going ahead with any kind of modification and remember to inform your insurance provider (if not insured with us) so they are aware of the changes to the vehicle.

All sign writing should be fitted so that it can be easily removed without causing any damage to the vehicle’s paintwork or bodywork at the end of your lease period.

End of Contract Return

As the end of your car lease comes close to finishing, conduct a thorough check of both the interior and exterior and remove all of your personal belongings from the cabin space and boot. Don’t forget to remove any house, garage or shed keys from your car keyring/fob before returning your lease car and remember two sets of keys need to be handed back if you’ve been given a spare set.



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