Long term car hire England

At Flexed, we offer a nationwide long term car rental service, providing great value to clients all across England. Keeping our costs low and our quality of product and service high, we strive to ensure that all of our clients are 100% satisfied.

Our range of cars is extensive and includes a number of attractive brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Ford, Toyota, Skoda and more.  Whatever your particular driving requirements, be they for a car at home cruising along motorways across England or a 4×4 capable of tackling difficult terrain, we are sure that we can offer you a solution that meets your needs.

Our approach to car hire is one which puts our customers at the very forefront of our concerns.  We understand that our clients do not want to be put in a position where they are unable to alter the terms of their car hire in the future, should their circumstances change.  Therefore, we distinguish ourselves in the market by only requiring a 28 day commitment from our clients.  After this period, our clients have the ability to change the period of their car rental. In this way, our clients are not bound to any unnecessary, long-term commitment .

We are committed to ensuring that our clients receive nothing but the very best from our service.  With this goal in mind, we offer high levels of support to our clients once they have their cars, providing 24-hour emergency assistance, vehicle recover and vehicle maintenance services within the price of the car hire itself.  In this way, we offer outstanding value to our clients, giving them everything they need to confidently take their car out onto the road, at a low cost.

Whether you want to rent a car for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months, our long term car hire service across England can offer you what you need, with replacement cars offered after 6 months.  If the car you want is in stock, you can have it the very next day.  Whether you want to pick the car up from our showroom or have it delivered to your home address, we can offer both options.

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£1204.19 excl. VAT
£1445.03 inc. VAT
Jaguar I Pace Flexed-min
From: 1204.19 excl. VAT
From: 1445.03 inc. VAT
0 g/km
280-mile range mpg
£1259.99 excl. VAT
£1511.99 inc. VAT
Jaguar I Pace Flexed-min
From: 1259.99 excl. VAT
From: 1511.99 inc. VAT
0 g/km
280-mile range mpg
£312.19 excl. VAT
£374.63 inc. VAT
Fiat 500 DOLCY-min (1)
From: 312.19 excl. VAT
From: 374.63 inc. VAT
106 g/km
43 mpg


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