If you live in Oxford and drive you’re apparently the unluckiest drivers in the UK!

New study claims drivers in Oxford suffer from the most issues on the road

A new study has found that motorists from Oxford seem to be the unluckiest drivers in the UK, suffering the most from punctures, scrapes, dents and those wretched parking tickets too compared to motorists in other parts of the country.

When drivers from the UK were polled, it was discovered that people from Oxford claimed they had the least luck as far as driving is concerned, with motorists from Leicester coming second followed by drivers from Cambridge.

On the contrary, it seems, motorists in Cardiff believe they’re the luckiest drivers on the road, whilst it’s drivers in Norwich who appear to be the ones most susceptible to a spot of road rage, with 22% admitting to jumping out of their vehicle to challenge someone.

The study, which was carried out by Holts Tyreweld, found that 12% of UK motorists had filled up their car with the wrong type of fuel, whilst 27% confessed to sleeping in their car occasionally and more than a quarter (26%) said they’d run out of fuel.

Throughout a standard year, the average British driver will strike 48 potholes, bang into another vehicle in a car park six times, scrape their own vehicle nine times and catch their wing mirror around 10 times.

Motorists will also be distracted by children on the back seat 16 times and jump traffic lights as they’re about to turn red 17 times in a year.

According to their research, the average motorist in a month will mount the kerb twice whilst trying to park, end up sitting in heavy traffic six times and press on the horn at least twice.
Around a quarter of UK drivers feel as though their car is cursed because they have nothing but bad luck in it.

“We are all guilty of the odd misdemeanour on the road and very few of us will be able to say that we have never bumped another vehicle or clipped the kerb when parking,” said Stephanie Hickford, Brand manager at Holts Tyreweld, adding: “But this research shows that some drivers have no luck behind the wheel and suffer one calamity after another.”

It seems our mishaps on the road cause us to miss the odd event or two, with job interviews, work appointments and friends’ birthdays some of the most common ones missed because of a flat tyre or breakdown.

Some motorists even confessed to driving over the speed limit for 24% of the time spent driving!

Of the 1,000 motorists taking part in the survey, more than a third (33%) said they love driving, however 35% said they didn’t really get any enjoyment from driving and was merely a way of getting from A to B.

When it came to rating their own driving skills, the average UK driver rated themselves a seven out of 10, whilst the survey found that most people had passed their driving test on the second go.
According to their research, the average UK driver checks their tyre tread, oil and washer fluid levels four times a year and gives their vehicle a wash about seven times over a 12 month period.
It’s estimated by looking at the data, that the average driver ends up paying out around £430 each year just to keep their vehicle on the road.

UK places with the most unluckiest drivers:

  • Oxford – 30%
  • Leicester- 27%
  • Cambridge – 27%
  • Birmingham – 26%
  • Bristol – 26%
  • Newcastle – 25%
  • Sheffield – 25%
  • London – 20%
  • Nottingham – 19%
  • Liverpool – 19%

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