Jump Into Spring With A New Lease Car

Clocks Go Forward This Weekend… Time For A New Car! 🕐


As the clocks are set to go forward this weekend, why not treat yourself to a new lease car from Flexed – you know it’s the right time!

With Spring in the air and signs that lockdown is easing, the chances are you’ll be able to jump into your new lease car this Easter time and set off on a short journey to somewhere new or visit family/friends that you might not have seen for a while.

FLEXED - short term car leases

Jump into Spring with a new lease car from FLEXED – you know it’s the right time!

So what are you waiting for! Visit the Flexed website TODAY and find your favourite car to drive this weekend and over the Easter period. If you’re new to vehicle leasing, we can assure you that getting started with Flexed is quick and easy, so you could be driving away or taking delivery of your new lease car before the weekend arrives!

We have so many wonderful new cars to choose from and a mixture of every kind of vehicle to suit each customer’s own individual style and budget.

Whether you love driving a small car, estate, luxury saloon, an SUV or even an electric vehicle (EV), hybrid or plug-in hybrid, we have something for everyone.

What Is A Short Term Car Lease?

Our rolling short term car leases enable you to lease the car of your choice for just the minimum 28 days and after which, it’s up to you what happens next – return the vehicle, ‘roll on’ for longer or swap to another model or make.

It’s the flexible way of leasing a new car without having to tie yourself into a long term contract, some of which have you signing up for two, three of four years!

Not at Flexed! You can lease a car for 28 days and once this period is up, it’s entirely your decision as to whether you continue leasing for longer or not, plus you can swap vehicles if you wish after your 28 days is up, with no additional charges to pay either.

So, if you choose a car, drive it for 2 months and suddenly decide it’s not for you, no problem, as you can simply swap to another model or make.

We do offer long term rentals on a fixed term basis from 28 days, 3 months, 6 or even 12 months and longer – please call 0800 311 8290 for more details.

Visit our website NOW to see ‘All Vehicles’ we currently have available for short term leasing or long term rental and if you can’t see the exact model you’re interested in leasing, please get in touch and we’ll do everything we can to find the right vehicle for you – call 0800 311 8290 or email: talk@flexed.co.uk


Don’t forget to move your clocks forward one hour at 01:00am this Sunday, March 28!



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