How To Shop Safely In Your Lease Car This Festive Season

Our Top Tips For Safe Shopping Over The Christmas Period 🎁


The festive season is well underway, with many of us heading off to the shops to buy presents for loved ones, as well as food and drink to enjoy in just over two weeks as we celebrate Christmas and the New Year with friends and family.

Of course, this year has been very different because of COVID-19 and trips to the shops involve wearing a mask and following the guidelines that individual stores have to follow but none of this should deter us from continuing to prepare for Christmas Day/Boxing Day and making sure that we have everything we need to enjoy a wonderful time spent with loved ones.

Trips to the shops for gifts, food and drink are for most people taken in our cars and planning ahead to ensure a safe journey is important, especially now it goes dark at 4:30pm. So here’s our top tips on how to shop safely during the coming weeks in your lease car from Flexed.

Our Top Safety Tips:

When parking up, make sure the area is well-lit and remember to lock your doors before heading to the shops. Try and avoid dark and isolated car parks, especially if it’s going to be dark when you return to your car – the busier and brighter the car park, the better! Check that no windows have been left open and put any valuables out of sight.

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Follow our top tips on how to stay safe in your lease car this festive season whilst out shopping!

If possible, try and park within sight of a CCTV camera that’s in operation and if you use a multi-storey car park, choose a well-lit space that’s as close to the exit as possible, away from pillars if you can. For a quicker and easier exit, it might be an idea to reverse into the space.

Report any suspicious activity immediately to a member of security.

Once you hit the shops, try and avoid purchasing high value items until the very end when you know you’re ready to head home and have the keys ready in your hand when you get back to the car so you’re not fumbling around in your bag or pockets.

If you return to your vehicle loaded up with bags and boxes, place them all in your boot and make sure you lock it before heading back to the shops. Never leave them in plain sight on the seats. Cover your purchases up with a blanket if you have one lying around in your car. Try not to do everything in one trip – it’s better to do a few journey’s and spread the spending out over a couple of days.

Stay Alert! An opportunistic thief will jump inside your car if it’s unlocked whilst you’re busy sending a text or preparing yourself for the journey home, so to prevent this from happening, always lock the doors from the inside as soon as you get in your car.

When arriving home with your festive goods, back up your driveway if you have one and never leave your car unattended with all your purchases on show. Lock the doors and ask for someone to come and help you or take a number of items in at a time but lock the car doors after you each time – you never know who might be watching, especially around this time of year!

NEVER be tempted to leave presents in your lease car overnight because you don’t want them to be seen – there’s always a way of getting them inside without any of your loved ones noticing!



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