More help from Google Maps on the way to assist drivers in the UK

The new feature will help drivers find a parking space much quicker in major UK cities 

The Google Maps app has added a new feature which will help motorists to find a parking space much easier and quicker than ever before.
The new function, known as “Parking Difficulty” will enable drivers here in the UK, as well as in Europe, to locate an empty parking space before they reach their destination.
So far, the new feature is available to those in London and Manchester and 23 other major European locations.
To begin with, the new feature was only made available in the US but now holiday destinations including Alicante, Madrid, Paris, Prague and Rome have been included in the new update from Google Maps.

The new feature will be able to help drivers find a parking space in major UK cities

More help from Google Maps on the way to assist drivers in the UK looking for a parking space © Copyright David Dixon and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

Motorists in the UK will be able to enter their route on Google Maps, then at the bottom of the screen a rating will inform you what the chances of finding a parking space are; rated from ‘easy’, to ‘medium’ and lastly ‘limited’.
This smart new addition to the Google Maps app uses historical data to track parking and can predict what the situation will be once you reach your destination – saving you the bother of having to drive around looking for a free space.
The new update will be available for use on both Android and Apple iOS.
Google are also trialling their next generation parking assist mode known as “Find Parking” at the same time in 25 major US cities but only Android users so far get to benefit, however, the new “Parking Difficulty” function was only rolled out in the US in January this year, so motorists in the UK probably won’t have to wait too long before “Find Parking” arrives over here too.
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