Government to introduce fuel theft prevention scheme

British government launches fuel prevention project to reduce industry losses

The British Oil Security Syndicate (BOSS) has revealed that the theft of fuel from filling station forecourts cost the industry £22 million in 2014/15, as the British government announces a new scheme to reduce the risk of this type of crime.
According to recently released figures, there were 62,300 incidents of fuel theft throughout the UK in the year ending September 2015. These are the incidents that were reported to the police, and they represent a 10% increase compared to the previous year.

Government launches project to reduce fuel theft

Government wants to tackle fuel theft

Businesses throughout the country have also recorded losses of almost £10m due to motorists filling up their vehicles and then finding they have no payment method with which to pay for the fuel. According to industry statistics, 25% of these motorists do not return to pay and the petrol station owners must take the matter to a debt agency.
The government has announced the initiation of the Steering Group on Forecourt Crime project in order to address the issue of forecourt theft. Government officials, police, and industry figures will now find it easier to share information and discuss ways of preventing this type of theft in relation to the Theft Act 1978.
Karen Bradley, Minister for Preventing Abuse, Exploitation and Crime, told “Theft from forecourts causes huge damage to businesses. This Government is committed to working with industry and police to tackle those crimes, and to limit the opportunities for offenders to commit them in the first place.”
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