Got any old paper tax discs lying around?

You might want to keep hold of them as they could be worth something!

If you’ve kept any old paper tax discs after they were abolished in 2014 and are wondering whether to throw them out with the weekly rubbish, you might want to reconsider as some of them are selling on eBay for as much as £500!

You could earn yourself an extra few pounds by simply selling your old paper tax discs to collectors, who in the past have paid as much as £1,000 for one.

In October 2014, the UK car tax disc was abolished and replaced with a new online system and since disappearing from the windscreen of every car on the road they’ve now become a bit of a collectors item – so throwing them away might mean you’re throwing a nice bit of extra pocket money out with the trash!

A number of motorists have managed to achieve more than £500 from selling their old paper tax discs on eBay and it’s collectors known as ‘Velologists’ who are keen to get their hands on them.
Their name is made up of the acronym VEL (Vehicle Excise Licence) and ologists. You might be wondering why they demand such a high price when you consider that more than 1.7 billion of them have been issued since 1921 in the UK.

One ‘velologist’ paid a record amount of £1,087.80 for a paper tax disc that expired in December 1921 – the first year they were issued in the UK and before that, the most expensive one ever sold went for £810 and was a disc from the same group.

Some paper tax discs are now coming up for sale for just a few pounds whist others are heading for £1,000 or more.

A set of 12 paper tax discs dated from between 2006 and 2015 sold altogether for £500 and included some of the last ones to be issued in the UK.

The tax discs collectors are most interested in are the ones still in their original selvedge, with one selling for £500 that expired on 31 December 1921 and was still in fairly good condition. A disc from 2003 sold for £173 – this was issued in the first year that the paper tax disc included a bar code.

Maybe you have one or two lying around in one of the kitchen drawers – you could be sitting on a couple of hundred pounds!!

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