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Do men with fast cars really have a small manhood?

Anonymous survey find that owners of powerful motors are probably lying There might be some truth in the saying “Fast car, small manhood”, even if it’s born out of jealousy of people who drive luxury and sports cars. These are the findings of a UK-wide... View Article

Should advertising on cars, vans and lorries be banned?

Call to ban promotional messages on the side of commercial vehicles Advertisements and promotional messages on the sides of lorries, vans and other vehicles are a distraction to road users and should be banned. While promotional messages on lorries have been a fixture for many... View Article

BMW 3-series Plug-in Hybrid on the way?

The first images of the eagerly anticipated BMW 3 series Plug-in Hybrid have surfaced. The prototype, which is expected to be released in the summer, was spotted as it was put through its paces as part of cold weather testing in Scandinavia. Photographs shows that... View Article

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BMW 3-Series Review

The BMW 3 series has been hailed as the most perfect compact executive saloon on the market. The 3 series has long been a standard bearer for excellence, and the latest model continues in the vein of those fine traditions. Expansion too, is now part... View Article

Skoda Yeti Review

The new Skoda Yeti has been turning heads since it was launched in an ice cube early in 2014. With a new 4WD drivetrain the new 2.0 TDI Yeti is one of the most exciting crossover SUVs on the market. Here’s what the experts have... View Article

Skoda Yeti frozen in a block of ice

Skoda have launched their new model of the award-winning Yeti, by freezing it in a giant ice cube. The car was encapsulated in a huge block of ice to celebrate the launch of the Skoda Yeti and the Skodas Yeti Outdoor on 20 February. The... View Article

Mercedes A-Class Review

The new Mercedes A Class benefits from its re-design, pushing Mercedes firmly into the premium hatchback market. Transformed from its former mini-MPV image, the sleek new A Class is one of the classiest looking hatchbacks out there… The new design incorporates rising swage lines and... View Article