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Which company car is right for you?

Five years ago, the choice for the company fleet executive was simple: Petrol or diesel, and it all boiled down to which of the two provided a better return on your investment in terms of reliability and miles per gallon. Now there are two new... View Article

Electric Car Charging Stations in the UK

There’s never been a better time to switch to an electric vehicle (EV) because charging electric cars is now so much simpler. Not very long ago, EV owners were limited to how far they could travel in a single journey by their car’s relatively short... View Article

Volkswagen scandal drives car owners to electric vehicles

Companies and individuals suddenly more aware of their green footprint There’s been a surge in the number of people wanting to buy electric cars in the wake of the Volkswagen emissions scandal. A Yorkshire-based car leasing company has found that both private and company buyers... View Article

VW emissions scandal causes a shortage of electric cars

Buyers are drawn in by greener driving and rock-bottom running costs.  A recent surge in interest in electric cars means that new buyers are having to wait for their new vehicles as global orders outstrip supply around the world. A national car leasing company says... View Article

"Name and shame fake disabled bay parkers"

“Name and shame fake disabled bay parkers” Public wants crackdown on drivers who misuse disabled and baby parking bays A huge majority of drivers want to see people who misuse disabled and baby parking bays in car parks and shopping streets to be named and... View Article

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New law on smoking in cars "doesn't go far enough"

It’s only weeks until the ban on smoking in vehicles carrying children comes into force With the introduction of £50 fines for people who smoke in cars carrying children only a matter of weeks away, there’s appetite among the general public for a complete ban... View Article

Using cars as business incentives

A smart motivation and incentive strategy is the key to a smooth running business. You probably already know that the right kind of business incentives will secure you the best employees, encourage them to stay there, increase the likelihood of meeting your goals, encourage better... View Article

5 of the Best Business Cars

Looking for a new company car with impressive looks and low tax? Not sure what the most reliable car for your sales team or fleet is? Look no further, this comprehensive guide to the five best business cars will tell you everything you need to... View Article

65 Plate – Special 12 Month Car Lease Deals

Flexed is pleased to offer two fantastic 12 month business car leasing deals on the popular fleet car the BMW 420D GT. These cars are available from September 2015. BMW Gran Coupe 420D X-Drive M Sport Manual – Metallic Paint 3+11 10,000mpa Non maintained £419.99+vat... View Article

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