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New Skoda Superb; set for release in 2015

Details have emerged of the new Skoda Superb; set for release in 2015. The Superb has already built a reputation for being an excellent family car, with a spacious cabin, great fuel economy and refined drive. The 2015 Superb look set to build on these... View Article

BMW unveil bullet-proof BMW X5

Fancy yourself as the new 007? With BMW’s armoured X5 you could certainly look the part. The BMW X5 “security plus” has been unveiled, offering its owner a bullet-proof cabin reinforced with steel panels. If you are expecting to be tracked down by an gun-wielding... View Article

Exposed: 80% admit to driving illegally

From bald tyres to mobile phones – majority of motorists admit to breaking the law Four out of five British motorists admit to have broken the law whilst driving in the last year. A leading UK vehicle leasing company carried out an anonymous phone poll... View Article

Call to ban intensive driving courses and reduce accidents

Call to ban get-your-licence-in-a-week driving schools creating breeding grounds for dangerous drivers and follow successful US model Driving schools offering intensive courses promising a successful driving test within a week are churning out drivers with little road sense and should be banned. That’s the view... View Article

Skoda release Tour de France limited edition cars

To mark the first three race stages taking place in the UK, ŠKODA is launching unique limited edition versions of the Yeti, Octavia and Superb. Each has been designed with the keen cyclist in mind, and comes with ‘le Tour de France’ badging, waterproof seat... View Article

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BMW reveal new X6 for 2014

The new BMW could prove to be a Christmas present, with a release date scheduled for December 2014. The new X6 is to move away from its predecessor, and will be based on the new X5 model. The key features of the new BMW X6... View Article

Shocking survey reveals dangerous driver habits

92% of drivers admit to being guilty of bad habits while behind the wheel, a recent survey has revealed. In a recent survey of UK drivers, a staggering 92% admitted to indulging themselves in bad, and potentially dangerous, driving habits. The survey of 2864 drivers,... View Article

Volvo launch V60 plug-in hybrid R-design

Volvo has released the latest addition to the V60 family, the plug-in hybrid R-design. With exceptionally low emissions and high efficiency, the new V60 qualifies as one of the most cost-effective cars to run on the market. The R-design aesthetics which have been added to... View Article

Volvo test autopilot car on public roads

Volvo have road tested their first driverless cars in the Swedish city of Gothenburg. The car manufacturer’s next step will be to unleash 100 self-driving cars onto the roads as part of its Drive Me project, an act which will make Gothenburg the first city... View Article

New Volvo XC90 in city testing stage

The hotly anticipated Volvo XC90 has been spotted being put through its paces during city testing in Copenhagen. Typically, Volvo’s city testing aims to asses the car’s performance when it comes to real-world driving and the effectiveness of its pedestrian safety systems. Volvo has let... View Article

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