Do you fill up at a supermarket fuel station thinking it’s cheaper?

Well not anymore, according to new research carried out by the AA

Many motorists in the UK top up at supermarket fuel stations, believing it’s cheaper than filling up at one of the many roadside fuel retailers we have across the country, but according to new research carried out by the AA, this may no longer be the case.

The AA have discovered that the gap in petrol prices between the top four supermarkets and roadside fuel retailers has fallen below 3p – the first time it’s done so in over a year.

According to the AA, the last month has altered drivers’ perception about supermarkets offering the cheapest fuel prices. They found that both petrol and diesel was on average cheaper at Jet filling stations from mid-January to mid-February, compared to prices at Sainsbury’s fuel stations.

Do you fill up at a supermarket fuel station thinking it's cheaper?

Do you fill up at a supermarket fuel station thinking it’s cheaper?
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The latest Fuel Price Report from the AA said that the average petrol price in the UK had risen by 0.63p to 120.11p per litre in one month, with diesel prices increasing 0.34p to 122.32p within the same time period.

Motorists just the year previous were paying much less for both petrol and diesel at the pumps – petrol was 18.16p per litre less expensive, with diesel 21.30p cheaper.

The rise in prices at the pump now means that an average sized family petrol car costs around £10 more to top up compared to the same time last year.
According to many in the industry, the rising costs involved in filling up is having a significant effect on how much people in the UK are driving. One petrol station owner claimed that business fell “off a cliff” during the last week in January.

The price of petrol and diesel at four of the top supermarkets, including Asda and Sainsbury’s, was 3p per litre cheaper than at roadside fuel retailers such as BP and Shell for 15 months in a row. However, over the last month, the difference has fallen to 2.9p.

Whilst the big supermarkets attempt to bridge the gap, many dedicated fuel retailers have seized the opportunity to try and undercut their large supermarket rivals.
Over the last four weeks, petrol and diesel prices at Jet fuel stations have on average been cheaper than one of their grocery-giant rivals, Sainsbury’s.

The average price of petrol at Jet forecourts last month was 119.56p, with diesel at 121.55p, compared to 120.07p for petrol and 122.10p for diesel at Sainsbury’s petrol pumps.

The President of the AA, Edmund King, said that motorists need to be more aware of who is charging what in their area for both petrol and diesel, to make sure they find the best deal out there.

According to Mr King, motorists should consider using dedicated fuel apps and fuel price websites, such as their AA app, or, to shop around and find out who’s offering the best fuel prices in their area.

“Drivers need to keep their ears and eyes open to locate lower pump prices,” added Mr King.

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