Female driver in Canada thinks she's hit and killed a Coyote with her car

Turns out it’s alive and stuck in the car’s front grille!

A woman in Canada travelling in her car thought she’d hit and killed a coyote but it turned up in the front grille of her vehicle – alive!
The coyote is a little larger in size than a red fox and are native to Alberta, a province in Western Canada.
Georgie Knox, who’s from the city of Airdrie in Alberta, Canada, was travelling to work when the coyote ran in front of her car.
She posted on Facebook that she’d heard a crunching sound, so thought she’d hit the animal and that it must be dead.
However, when she stopped at a set of traffic lights, a construction worker grabbed her attention and informed her that an animal was trapped in the front grille of her vehicle.

Female driver in Canada thinks she's hit and killed a Coyote with her car, Turns out it's alive and stuck in the car's front grille!

A very lucky coyote cheats death by getting stuck in a car’s front grille – Courtesy of Georgie Knox/Facebook photo

Ms Knox jumped out of her car to look and saw the coyote trapped in the front grille looking up at her.
“When I got out to look, this poor little guy was looking up and blinking at me,” she wrote on Facebook.
She’d driven from Airdrie to Calgary at what she said was “highway speeds” and had travelled around 35km, which equates to 21 miles.
Ms Knox informed provincial wildlife officials, who then came out to her vehicle and freed the coyote from the front grille. Luckily the animal had only sustained minimal injuries and was eventually given a clean bill of health by a provincial biologist.
The coyote was released by wildlife officials in Kananaskis County, which is close the foothills of the Rockies and around 100km east of Airdrie.
Ms Fox said: “Clearly mother nature has other plans for this special little guy!”
It’s not the first time an animal has got caught up in a travelling vehicle and survived, we’ve recently had the story of the squirrel who also had a lucky escape after getting caught in the front grille of a vehicle, whilst we’ve also heard of the bear that jumped into a car and caught the handbrake, sending him backwards down the hill before crashing and there’s also the story of the giant seal in Tasmania, which jumped on the bonnet of a car and crushed it.
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