How to obtain a license check code

The paper (counterpart) of the license has been made obsolete. So customers will now be required provide their license details prior to leasing or booking their next hire vehicle. This guide will quickly show you how to obtain a license check code.

Driving License Information

Whenever you’re required to provide a copy of your driving license either for a hire booking or a lease contract, the company will want to see your driving history. This is to ensure that the license you’ve provided is still up to date and also verifies the copy you’ve provided.

Your driving license information is stored online and will contain information such as:

  • What type of license you have (provisional or full)
  • What vehicle’s you’re classed to drive
  • Previous offences
  • Current penalty points or endorsements
  • Whether you’ve been banned from driving or not

However, to obtain and share this information, the license holder will be required to provide a license check code. Read below to find out how to obtain a license check code.

License Check Code

A license check code is unique to the license that wants to share its information. It’ll allow a third party to download and print your license information. This code is provided directly from the Driving and Vehicle License Agency website.

Please note you can only have three active codes and each code lasts for a maximum of 21 days.

How to obtain a License Check Code

To obtain this code, you’ll need the following details associated with the driving license you want to share.

  • Driving License
  • Postcode
  • National Insurance Number

Once you have this information ready to hand, please follow this link to be taken the DVLA ‘view driving license section’. Alternatively, you can Google ‘View Driving License’ directly and the results on the first page should take you to where you need to be.

1) Hit the ‘Start Now’ green button

2) Enter Details

You’ll be presented with three fields – Driving License Number, National Insurance Number and Postcode. Enter those details in and then hit the accept tick box at the bottom.

N.B. Please make sure these details are entered correctly. It won’t let you progress any further without the right information and might you lock you out the screen.

3) View License

Once all the details have been submitted and accepted, you’ll be taken to a homepage displaying your current driving license details.

4) Get Your Code

Navigate to the top right-hand corner and click ‘Get your code’ and then the green button underneath hitting ‘Get a code’.

Get a code

5) Once You Have The Code

Print or save the driving summary and email it to the rental company. Alternatively, you can make a note of the code and pass it to the staff members instead.

Get License Code


Help! I’m unable to access my driving code

Sometimes this service is not always accessible but you can contact the DVLA directly to get your code. You’ll still need your Driving licence, National Insurance Number and postcode.

  • Call the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency on 0300 083 0013 between Monday and Friday from 08.00-19.00 or Saturday 08.00–14.00 UK time


  • Use their live chat service


  • Ask a member of staff to see if they can get the code for you.

It is important that this information is supplied as the vehicle cannot be handed over without your driving license verification.

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