The extent of Britain's pothole problem

The government would have to invest £11.8bn to repair UK’s potholes

A new report published by the Asphalt Industry Alliance claims that it would take English and Welsh councils 14-years to finish fixing the potholes which currently plague the country’s roads.
According to this year’s Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance (ALARM) survey, which was released on March 23, it would take councils 168 months to repair all of the potholes currently affecting motorists in England and Wales.
The report also claims that a government investment of £11.8 billion is needed to tackle the problem thoroughly. However, in his Budget 2016, George Osborne pledged just £250 million to the pothole fund for the next year.

Pothole problem in the UK would require 14-years  to fix

The government would need to spend £11.8bn to fix all the potholes in England and Wales

Councils across England and Wales are struggling to keep up with the pothole problem as they face a 16% road maintenance budget cut. The shortfall in the annual carriageway maintenance budget in 2015 reached a staggering £791m; up by £230m compared to 2014.
According to the Asphalt Industry Alliance, each council would need £69m to repair the troublesome potholes within their boundaries.
Pesky potholes are not just a financial nuisance to councils, as a survey carried out by tyre expert Kwit-Fit reveals that 6.3million motorists had to fork out an average of £108 in 2015 because of vehicle damage caused by driving over nasty potholes.
Councillor Peter Box, Transport spokesman at the Local Government Association, commented on the issue: “Our roads crisis is only going to get worse unless we address it as a national priority… Councils desperately need long-term and consistent funding to invest in the resurfacing projects which our road network desperately needs over the next decade.”
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