Ever stopped on the hard shoulder to cook your loved ones up a meal?

According to a new Highways England report that’s exactly what one family was caught doing on the side of the M25!

It’s illegal to stop on the hard shoulder of the motorway unless you have a real emergency such as a breakdown but this doesn’t seem to stop some drivers from pulling over while they send a quick text message, stretch their legs, have a nap or even cook a meal!

A new report from Highways England claims that this is exactly what some drivers have actually stopped for on the hard shoulder of the motorway despite motorists knowing that it’s illegal to use the hard shoulder for anything other than an emergency.

Highways England are a Government-owned company who look after England’s motorway network and major ‘A’ roads. Their somewhat hard to believe revelations have been released to show just what crazy excuses drivers in the UK come up with when caught using the hard should illegally.

In one such instance, officers from Dartford discovered a family gathered together on the side of the M25 cooking a meal because they were hungry, whilst on the M4, a child was found walking on its own next to the motorway near Bristol but why? Shockingly and worryingly, the parents had decided to give the children a “time out” for being naughty!

In another case, a driver on the M56 was caught sitting on the hard shoulder sending text messages, whilst in the report it was revealed that an HGV was left abandoned in a live lane on the M1 as the driver decided he wanted to walk to the services for a bit of exercise instead of parking in a lorry bay!

On another occasion, an HGV driver was caught having a nap on a verge on the M60 whilst his lorry blocked off the emergency access route close to Cheadle, Greater Manchester.
Simon Jones of Highways England warns motorists saying: “Drivers often think the hard shoulder is a safe place to stop but over 100 people are killed or injured on the hard shoulder every year.”

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