Do you ever sit in your vehicle with the engine left running?

You might want to reconsider or face being fined £20!

In an effort to reduce air pollution, drivers in Wirral could soon be faced with a fine if caught with their engine running while stationary.
If a police/council officer spots a vehicle sat stationary with its engine still running the driver will be asked to turn the engine off, however if they refuse it could cost the driver a £20 fine.
Having an engine sat idle is an unnecessary waste of fuel, as well as emitting pollutants and creating noise pollution.

Do you ever sit in your vehicle with the engine left running?

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A report was sent to the Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee back in November 2017 and if the proposal is approved, the move could be introduced this month and as early as Monday, 19 March.
In the report is says: “Idling engines unnecessarily add to pollution, particularly in congested urban environments which affects the quality of air that the community is exposed to.”
The decision by the council may, as they put it, not be ‘universally popular.’
According to the report, environmental health officers and other services relevant to the proposal will carry out an educational campaign to raise awareness with the public, so the reason behind it will be fully understood and hopefully encourage motorists to change their behaviour.
After the campaign, a graduated enforcement approach is to be considered before penalty notices start being issued.
Cabinet member for Environment, Cllr Phillip Brightmore, said that the ban was not just a crackdown on air pollution but also a way of educating drivers to change their habits.
Drivers of vans, buses and taxis often spend a lot of time stopped with their engines running and this could have a huge impact on the environment.
“At the same time, as a council we will be leading the way on this issue by introducing an in-house policy for those who drive as part of their duties to switch off engines when parked,” added Cllr Brightmore.
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