Ever had a van driver ask if they can use your toilet?

New survey suggests van drivers haven’t got time to wee because of delivery targets


According to a new survey, van drivers are under so much pressure to meet their delivery targets that they’re either not drinking properly and risking dehydration, especially in this weather, or are being forced to wee whilst on the move to avoid missing any of their drop-offs or collections.

The survey involved the company who carried it out asking 2,000 van drivers/owners in the UK about their health and hydration during the hot spell as part of their Business Barometer survey.

The new survey found that seven in 10 van drivers fail to stay properly hydrated because of the pressure of their work – 20% said they didn’t drink any water at all, whilst 30% said they turned to caffeine or sugary drinks to help keep tiredness at bay.

Ever had a van driver ask if they can use your toilet?

New survey suggests van drivers haven’t got time to wee because of delivery targets

Furthermore, 63% think that their health has suffered, with one in 10 claiming to be suffering from a serious health condition because of the intensity of their work.

It seems as though van drivers avoid hydrating themselves whilst on the move so they meet their delivery targets, feeling like they don’t have time to keep stopping to take a wee – an alarming one in 10 drivers confessed to weeing whilst driving just to avoid stopping.

And asking a customer seems to be out of the question, as more than three in 10 think it would be awkward to ask if they could use their loo.

However, as the company who conducted the survey pointed out, a plumber or electrician asking to use a customer’s toilet would be told yes, so why is it that a delivery driver feels as though they can’t ask?

During the spell of hot weather we’re experiencing at the moment, it would be nice for customer’s to open their minds and allow these hard working delivery men and women to use our toilets if they need to so that they can stay healthy and hydrated whilst they keep the UK moving.

“Being well hydrated is really important, not only for our physical health, but also for mental performance.” Van drivers are busy and need to maintain high levels of concentration all day,” said Johanna Hignett, spokesperson for the National Hydration Council, adding: “If we don’t consume enough water, we can experience fatigue, or become less alert, so it is really important that van drivers are taking on fluid throughout the day.”


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