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Need to rent or lease a car? Electric car hire may be just the thing you’re looking for.

We offer hassle-free and cost-effective zero emissions car hire for businesses and personal customers at competitive prices, complete with delivery across the UK. Choose from a full range of quality electric cars to suit your needs. Get in touch with us to discuss the perfect deal for you.

You can drive in comfort with the peace of mind that you’re producing zero CO2 emissions, in a car that’s both quiet and energy efficient.

Plus, you can plan your journey with ease knowing that there are around 10,000 electric vehicle charging points throughout the UK. Charging points are no longer the preserve of big cities, which means you’ve got access to power wherever you go.

The benefits of electric cars

Electric vehicles boast a huge number of positives. As well as zero CO2 emissions and their ultra-quiet designs, here are a few more reasons to consider an electric car for your next adventure:

· Rapid charging points are available all over the country which allow you to be back on the road within 30 minutes – the average time spent in a motorway service station.

· You can drive through the centre of London without having to pay the Congestion Charge.

· Enjoy an average “miles per gallon equivalent” energy consumption of about 125mpge, which is less than 4p per mile.

· Take advantage of increased battery ranges on modern electric vehicles, which now compare with (or exceed) the 100-mile daily limit on some other companies’ rental agreements for petrol and diesel vehicles.

· One of the biggest advantages of leasing an EV is the generous company car tax savings you could be making. Recent changes heavily favour EVs, meaning anyone with a company car that’s electric currently gets charged at 0% benefit in kind, which is significantly lower than that of a petrol or diesel model which is typically charged at up to 33% of the vehicle’s value. This means leasing an EV could save you £100s every single month when compared to a petrol or diesel equivalent.

Electric vehicle rental made easy

Whether it’s for a short-term rental or a deal over several weeks or months, Flexed has the right electric car rental deals for every occasion.

Flexed has electric cars in stock now for whatever your needs. From smaller electric runabouts to executive saloons – we cover all the bases, delivered anywhere within the UK.

Looking for something longer term or thinking of regularly using electric vehicles? We can advise your business on installing a charging point so your rental vehicle is ready to go every morning.

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