DVLA made £111million on the sale of personalised number plates in 2017

One private registration plate sold at auction for over £56,000!

According to new reports, a shocking £111million was collected by the DVLA in 2017 for the sale of personalised number plates, with one motorists treating themselves to a private plate at the cost of more than £56,000.
Over the last 25 years, the DVLA has made £2billion from the sale of personalised number plates at auctions up and down the country.
The DVLA managed to make £250,000 alone in the last 12 months after selling the five most expensive plates of 2017.

One private registration plate sold at auction for over £56,000!

DVLA made £111million on the sale of personalised number plates in 2017.

At one auction in May last year, held at the Cheltenham Chase Hotel, the owner of a Mercedes paid out £56,200 for the private number plate ‘JSK 1’.
The report also revealed that two personalised number plates containing the letter ‘O’ finished second and third on the agencies list of top money-making plates.
At Mercedes Benz World in July last year, the plate ’45 O’ sold for £51,000, whilst the plate ’96 O’ went for £52,500 at the Cambridge Belfry Hotel in September 2017.
The number plate ‘1 HSV’ sold at the Cheltenham auction for £41,500 and ‘812 S’ went for £45,500 at the same auction.
The UK’s most expensive plate sold at auction back in November 2014 and went for £518,480 – ‘1 25 O’. This number plate is now worth a staggering £750,000.
However, the number plate ‘F 1’ is now worth an eye-watering £10million – it sold in January 2008 for a mere £440,625!
So what’s the most expensive personalised number plate ever sold in the world you might ask. Well, in Dubai back in 2016, one very wealthy motorist splashed out an eye-popping £7,324,207 on the number plate ‘1 D 5 AED 33m’!
Personalised number plates started being sold by the DVLA in 1990 and year on year the total amount sold has steadily grown from around 70,000 in 1995 to the massive amount purchased today.

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