Driving Safely Through Heavy Rain In Your Lease Car

Advice from FLEXED on How to Drive in Heavy Rain & Floods


Having to drive in heavy rain and through flooded streets can be daunting, even for the most experienced of drivers, so to help you stay safe on the roads whilst parts of the UK deal with severe flooding and continuous downpours, we’ve gathered together the following advice, hints and tips.

Preparing Yourself For Driving in Heavy Rain

Many of us are staying at home more whilst the third lockdown continues across the country but trips to shops in our cars, or journey’s to work are still the norm for a lot of people, so the best advice during periods of heavy rain is to prepare yourself and your vehicle before setting off.

The first thing to consider is whether you need to set off at all, as it might be possible that your journey can be delayed until the heavy rain subsides.

If not, make sure you plan your journey in advance. Listen to your local news bulletins to stay up-to-date with any road closures, forecasts and where flooding hotspots may be on the route you’re about to take. Avoid any areas that are prone to flooding, finding an alternative route where possible.

Understand that your journey may take longer due to slower speeds and possible congestion and let your loved ones know where you’re going and what time you should be arriving at your destination.

Take a mobile phone with you in case of an emergency and don’t forget the charger!

Fill your car up with fuel in advance, so you don’t get caught out in case of congestion on the roads.

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Driving in heavy rain and on flooded roads is dangerous, so extra care must be taken to ensure a safe journey!

Preparing Your Car

Make sure the windscreen wiper blades are working properly, the tyres are at the legal tread depth for better grip on the roads and check that the pressure in all four tyres is correct.

Check headlights and all other lights are working correctly, keeping them clean and free from dirt. Ensure the brakes are in excellent working condition – of course, with a lease car from Flexed, your chosen car is maintained by us for however long you lease for, plus your contract also includes breakdown cover.

How To Drive Carefully in Heavy Rain

Drive more slowly and leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front. Having to stop in heavy rain is much harder, so it’s better to keep a generous distance from the driver ahead of you.

To prevent your windows from misting up, keep the air conditioning on and use dipped headlights. This will ensure that other drivers see you much more easily.

Avoid using your rear fog lights as this can interfere with your brake lights and dazzle any vehicles behind you.

Be aware of other vehicles moving fast on wet roads as the spray, especially from larger vehicles, could reduce your visibility.

Never drive through large puddles and splash a pedestrian or cyclist – it’s a criminal offence! You could be issued with a fine and penalty points if caught.

Your tyres could lose contact with the surface of the road if you drive too fast through standing water. If you think you could be aquaplaning, stay calm, grip tightly onto your steering wheel and ease off the accelerator. DO NOT brake and allow your speed to reduce whilst you gain full control once again of the steering.

How To Drive Through Standing Water & Puddles

Firstly, puddles can be shallow or deep and because it’s not always obvious which one it may be, it’s better not to drive through them at all, turning around if possible and stopping to find an alternative route. You could cause a lot of damage to your car if you drive through a large puddle.

If the puddle is shallow enough to drive through, let vehicles on the other side of the road go past first before setting off. Drive through the middle of the road at a very slow speed but do not stop.

Once you’re safely out of the water, gently press the car brakes a couple of times whilst in a safe place to do so to let them dry off, making sure they respond efficiently.

Oh No!

If your car does happen to get stuck whilst driving through a large puddle, stay inside your vehicle and call for assistance. If the engine has cut out, do not attempt to restart it as this could damage the engine. If you’re on the motorway when this occurs, obviously you must get out of your car, leaving the hazard lights on, then find a safe place to wait.

Of course, with a lease car from Flexed, your contract will include vehicle maintenance and breakdown cover, so if the worse was to happen, we’ll be here to help you. That’s why vehicle leasing is increasing in popularity in the UK, so what are you waiting for… get in touch TODAY and start your leasing journey with us!



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