Driving around with a damaged wing mirror?

You might want to fix it quick or face a £2,500 fine AND three points on your licence!

Most motorists at some point in their driving life experience a number of small bumps or scrapes to their car and finding something broken on your vehicle can be extremely frustrating.
It can be very easy in our busy lives to simply ‘put off’ fixing the problem, with many of us choosing to continue driving our car without giving it a second thought – that’s until you’re pulled over by the police.
Driving around with a damaged wing mirror could land you in trouble with the law and see you facing a hefty fine, as well as penalty points on your driving licence.

Driving around with a damaged wing mirror?

Driving around with a damaged wing mirror could mean a huge fine and penalty points if caught! © Copyright Chris Downer and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

A damaged or broken wing mirror can have a serious impact on a driver’s ability to be able to see what’s happening around them and doesn’t just put themselves at risk but other road users too, as potentially the driver might not be able to spot any danger or threats that could be happening outside of the vehicle.
If pulled over by an officer and the condition of any part of your car is deemed as being a danger to another person, you might be handed a huge fine of anywhere up to £2,500 and three penalty points.
Fixing a damaged wing mirror generally costs anything from £15 to £150, so is it really worth ‘putting it off’ and risking such a hefty fine and points on your licence?
The key to avoiding fines from the police is to maintain your vehicle properly and ensure that when a problem arises it’s dealt with immediately – spending around £50 fixing that broken wing mirror makes much more sense.
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