Driver crashes into front of Specsavers store in London

Can you guess what the joke is that’s doing the rounds?

A motorist has crashed their car straight into the front window of a Specsavers store in London and as you’ve probably guessed or even thought about yourself already, the jokes have not stopped since online.

The Toyota Yaris smashed into the store on Ruislip High Street at around 8am this morning. The crash caused delays for other motorists travelling through the town centre of North West London.
Not long after the crash, pictures of the car smashed into the front of the Specsavers store appeared online, with many people quoting the joke that you would expect to hear if you’re familiar with the advert on TV.

You guessed it, the same joke that kept cropping up time after time was: “Should’ve gone to #specsavers #theirony”

A tweet from one commuter said: “So someone has crashed their car into specsavers on the high street and everyone on the bus as we’re just passing has said ‘oh should have gone to specsavers’.”

Some even started to joke about whether the company had arranged a new kind of ad campaign, with one saying: “See specsavers are filming their new advert in Ruislip high street.”

Along with the funny quips and jokes about the crash came a few comments about how they were going to be late for work as there was long queues and police all over the place, with commuters warning other motorists to avoid Ruislip High Street if possible. The driver was helped out of his smashed up car by police officers and has suffered minor injuries as a result. An investigation has now been launched into the incident.

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