Diesel car scrappage scheme 'to be considered' by the Government

No confirmation as yet but air quality plans for the UK are in development

It’s believed that Government officials are proposing the introduction of a new diesel car scrappage scheme across the UK, in an effort to improve air quality.
However, a spokeswoman for the Government did not confirm or deny that a scrappage scheme for diesel cars was being considered, stating rather that air quality plans were being developed to improve the quality of the air throughout the UK and a further update will follow later in the year.

Diesel car scrappage scheme 'to be considered' by the Government

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“We are firmly committed to improving the UK’s air quality and cutting harmful emissions,” said the Government spokeswoman.
Under the proposed scheme, owners of diesel cars could be offered cash to incentivise them into replacing their vehicle with a low-emission one.
The Director of Motoring Research at the RAC Foundation, Steve Gooding, believes that any such scheme could potentially mean a big bill for the Government and may only contribute in a small way in the long-term.
Mr Gooding suggests huge bills and only minimal impact in areas suffering from air quality issues will come from such a scheme, claiming also that the infrastructure for charging electric cars isn’t as yet in place throughout the country, which could discourage many motorists from choosing to switch over.
However, the President of the AA, Edmund King, thinks the scheme would be the right thing for the Government to introduce, as they, in the not too distant past, encouraged people to ‘go diesel’ by way of fiscal incentives.
“We believe that such a scheme for cars over 10 years old could prove popular with drivers,” added Mr King.
The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) and The Department for Transport (DfT) are drawing up proposals in answer to the recent emission scandals and the risk to health, which has been linked to emissions from diesel vehicles.
The Volkswagen emissions scandal back in 2015 has raised concerns over the impact diesel cars have on the levels of nitrogen dioxide.
According to a study carried out by Defra, nitrogen dioxide was found to be responsible for around 23,500 deaths each year in the UK.
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