The DfT looking at blocking mobile phone signals in vehicles

This could mean a total ban on phone use whilst driving in the UK

The government are considering whether to bring out a new law which could see the use of mobile phones whilst driving being banned on UK roads.
New reports allege that using your mobile phone whilst in control of a vehicle could be a thing of the past, as the Department for Transport (DfT), are looking into new technology that will be able to block the signal to a mobile phone inside a car, preventing the driver from using it to phone, text or browse whilst driving.

The DfT looking at blocking mobile phone signals in vehicles

The DfT looking at blocking mobile phone signals in vehicles © Copyright Kevin Trahar and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

If successful, the new technology means that motorists and their passengers will be unable to send texts, make calls or go online whilst travelling on roads throughout the UK, thus reducing the risk of accidents.
As of yet, there’s no information about how the new signal blocking technology will work, as safety issues will have to be considered, such as in the event of an emergency when a phone call might be required for help and assistance.
According to the reports, DfT ministers are set to meet next year with mobile phone companies and car manufacturers to talk over the possibilities.
It’s believed that the new technology will potentially have to be software-based as opposed to hardware. Possible solutions include a motion sensitive app that connects to the vehicle, or some sort of GPS enabled service.
“We are determined to crack down on mobile phone use at the wheel. Our plans to double penalties for this serious crime should act as an incredibly strong deterrent,” said a DfT spokesman.
The spokesman also confirmed that the DfT will continue to look into ways in which mobile phone car crime can be dealt with. No specific dates or time-line were confirmed by the DfT.
The new plans by the DfT follow the alarming results of a recent survey carried out by the RAC, in which almost one in three motorists owned up to using their mobile phone whilst being in control of a vehicle.
The RAC also revealed that one fifth of drivers thought it was safe to use their mobile phone whilst sat in traffic to send text messages and/or check their social media page, even though it’s against the law.
Many motorists sill flout the law, despite the fact that the government have recently introduced new tougher penalties if caught behind the wheel using your mobile phone. New drivers caught using a mobile phone whilst driving could receive an automatic ban. A fine of £200 and six penalty points could be handed out to you if caught using your phone whilst driving.
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