Could this be the most dangerous roundabout in the UK?

10 cars have reportedly crashed at the new roundabout within 48 hours of it opening

A council has been forced into action, following a reported 10 crashes happening at a new roundabout which had only been open for 48 hours.
At the weekend, three of the vehicles that crashed were left abandoned after baffled drivers drove straight over the island which is reported to have ‘no lighting and no signage’.
The new roundabout located on the A516 in Mickleover, Derby, was missed by drivers in a Ford Fiesta, Peugeot 106, Ford Focus and a Land Rover.

10 cars have reportedly crashed at the new roundabout within 48 hours of it opening

Could this be the most dangerous roundabout in the UK, located on the A516 in Mickleover, Derby? © Copyright Ray Folwell and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

It only opened on Friday and was built so that new homes could be built close by but now motorists are demanding that the council ensure rumble strips are put on the island.
Forty-six year-old David Wilson from Derby crashed at the new roundabout and as he was sat waiting for help, watched a Land Rover drive straight across the island. Luckily for this driver he managed to cross over it without any problems.
According to Mr Wilson, there was no lighting or signage at the roundabout, so motorists have no idea that it even exists.
Mr Wilson, aged 46, says there needs to be rumble strips put on the island as a warning to drivers, as well as better lighting and signage.
Other motorists claim the new roundabout has been badly designed, left unlit and is located on a 70mph dual carriageway and in no way is it driver error that has resulted in so many incidents occurring over a 48 hour period.
Police attended the scene following reports that three cars had been left abandoned at the new roundabout, now deemed to be the most dangerous one in Britain.
“We have received a number of reports of cars being left abandoned on the roundabout at Hospital Lane in Mickleover,” said a spokesman for Derbyshire Police.
A spokesman for Derbyshire County Council says the new roundabout is the responsibility of Barratt Homes and their contractor, however, the council’s own engineers and an independent Road Safety Audit have been involved in checks concerning the design, road markings, lighting and signage.
Following the incidents at the new roundabout, the council sent highways officers to investigate.
“The suggestion that new lighting on the approaches had stopped functioning was raised as a matter of urgency with the developer’s contractors and we understand this has now been rectified,” said the Derbyshire County Council spokesman.
He also added: “We have asked that the temporary roadwork signs be put back in place as an extra precaution for now.”
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