Is there a dangerous road close to you that needs making safer?

Government puts aside £100 million for Safer Roads Fund to improve 56 of the UK’s most dangerous routes

We’re known for having some of the safest roads in the world, however, the UK does have a handful that is proven to be more dangerous to drive on than others.

As a result, the UK Government have put aside £100 million towards a Safer Roads Fund in an effort to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on our roads. Local authorities across the country will be able to improve some of their most notorious ‘A’ roads over the next three years thanks to the funding.

A full list has been drawn up which includes the road named recently by a European safety expert as the most dangerous in the UK. Each one on the list has been ranked by how much it will cost to improve safety along the stretch of road.

Transport Minister Jesse Norman this week confirmed the spending of the Safer Roads Fund between now and 2021. Local authorities throughout the UK had to bid for funding based on whether they had a route in their area that had a notably poor track record for accidents.

The Government plan will target 50 of the UK’s most dangerous roads, however, funding has in fact been granted for 56 routes to be improved. The budget also received an extra boost of £75 million but the total spend has hardly had to use any of the extra money so far. The Government will splash out a total of £100,165,732 to make over the most dangerous routes and work will be carried out over the next three years.

“I am pleased today to announce the successful bids for the Safer Roads Fund, which we made available to enable local authorities to improve the 50 most dangerous stretches of A roads in England,” said Mr Norman last Wednesday, adding: “We are investing £100 million to tackle these dangerous roads.”

The list includes the shameful A537 between Macclesfield and Buxton, which was rated by a European road safety group as a stretch of road with the most ‘persistently higher risk’. The Cat and Fiddle, which is what the 11-mile route is known as was described by EuroRAP as a ‘busy higher risk road where serious crashes are little improved or worsening’ in the last six years.

The full list of 56 routes may include one you use on a regular basis.

Here’s the first 10 showing them in order of highest cost and the date due for its revamp:

  • A592 A591 Windermere A66 Penrith – Cumbria County Council – £7,440,000 – 2020/21
  • A684 M6 37 A1 Leeming Bar – North Yorkshire County Council – £7,065,000 – 2018/19
  • A361 Banbury Chipping Norton – Oxfordshire County Council – £4,135,000 – 2017/18
  • A529 Hinstock A41 Market Drayton A53 – Shropshire County Council – £3,888,000 – 2018/19
  • A161 Goole -Ealand – East Riding of Yorkshire Council – £3,861,000 – 2017/18
  • A161 Urban Area – North Lincolnshire Council – £3,225,000 – 2020/21
  • A683 Lancaster A65 Kirkby Lonsdale – Lancashire County Council – £3,110,000 – 2019/20
  • A5012 A515 A6 Cromford – Derbyshire County Council – £3,079,000 – 2020/21
  • A6108 Ripon Scotch Corner – North Yorkshire County Council – £2,972,000 – 2020/21
  • A18 Laceby Ludborough – North East Lincolnshire Council – £2,822,000 – 2018/19

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