Daimler buys majority stake in ride-sharing firm Hailo

Hailo set to be merged into Daimler’s own ride-sharing network MyTaxi


Hailo have announced that the German brand, Daimler, has bought a 60% stake in their ride-sharing firm, with plans to merge it with MyTaxi.

This announcement puts market leaders Uber under threat once again from the competition, as Daimler confirms that they have bought a majority stake in rival company Hailo.

Daimler plans to take Hailo’s assets and merge the company with its own fast-growing ride-sharing platform, MyTaxi.

This merger will turn MyTaxi into one of the biggest ride-sharing networks across Europe. However, it will still be a long way behind the massive global range of the app-based taxi cab hailer, Uber.

The investment by Daimler, who also own Mercedes-Benz, is one of the latest to come from carmakers looking to get involved in the future of ride-sharing and mobile phone-based transport services.

Toyota have invested in Uber in the past and now BMW, GM, JLR and the VW Group are ready to get involved in the car-sharing market also.

At the moment, Hailo has just seventy-five staff at their UK-based outfit but a big part of the operation will be moved to Germany.

The goal for MyTaxi will be to rival their biggest competition, Uber, by offering a workable alternative for car owners in the towns and cities, as well as running a traditional public transport service.

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