Commuting in the Capital?

Make sure to pay if driving through the city’s Congestion Charge Zone or face new £160 fine!

From this week, drivers in the Capital who fail to pay the city’s Congestion Charge Zone could be hit with a £160 fine.
The fee has increased this week from £130 to £160 and those failing to pay the charge whilst driving in Central London could be forking out the new higher price.
The fine has been increased in an effort to deter motorists from forgetting to pay the fine. If a driver receives a fine and wishes to pay the early payment discount rate, this too has also been raised from £65 to £80.
Motorists who drive in the Congestion Charge Zone must pay a daily fee of £11.50, plus drivers of more polluted and older diesel vehicles also have to pay an extra surcharge as well of £10.

Commuting in the Capital?

Make sure you pay if you drive through the city’s Congestion Charge Zone or face new £160 fine! © Copyright David Dixon and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

The Mayor of London introduced the T-Charge back in October last year in the hope of reducing the level of air pollution in the Capital.
Penalties will also be increased by Transport for London for any driver caught using the bus lanes, making illegal turns in the road or for blocking red routes.
Motorists can avoid being issued a fine if they sign up online to use the TfL’s Auto Pay system. This system records how many days your vehicle enters the Congestion Charge Zone every month and will take a payment from your designated bank account. Those who sign up will receive a small discount, paying £10.50 per day rather than £11.50.
Over the past five years, the number of Penalty Charge Notices handed out in London has increased by 12% to 1.5 million.
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