UK supermarkets to increase fuel prices on bank holidays..

and during the school run using AI technology   Motorists in the UK will eventually have to pay a higher… Read More »

How safe is paying on your mobile for parking?

Not safe say motorists who’ve been handed unjustifiable fines   Using mobile phones to pay for parking is becoming increasingly… Read More »

Pay as you go to replace flat fees at motorway electric car charging stations

Ecotricity says the new model will mean more flexibility and lower charging costs for users   Ecotricity has confirmed that… Read More »

Segregated cycle lanes could be putting lives at risk, say paramedics

They stop traffic from moving out of the way, including emergency service vehicles   New segregated cycle lanes which are… Read More »

Smart motorways without a hard shoulder are putting motorists at risk

RAC warns that scrapping the hard shoulder on busy sections of smart motorway could be dangerous   The RAC has… Read More »

Sales of used cars hit new highs

A record number of used vehicles bought in the UK during first quarter of 2017   According to new data… Read More »

Rush hour traffic jams could become a thing of the past thanks to AI technology

‘Smart’ new traffic lights could help reduce rush hour traffic and generate safer roads   Brand new pioneering traffic lights,… Read More »

Failing to change car insurance providers could mean drivers are overpaying by £1,400 over 10 years

New study finds those who stick with one provider rather than changing lose money over time   A new study… Read More »

Have you got penalty points on your licence but failed to include them on your policy?

According to a new survey, almost a quarter of drivers lie to their insurer about penalty points   A new… Read More »

Breakdowns caused by inadequate road surfaces rise by 63% in one year

RAC called out to 6,500 poor road surface related cases in just 3 months   The British roadside assistance company,… Read More »

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