New ‘funnel bins’ to be trialled at Lymm services in Cheshire

Highways England hope the new bins will reduce the amount of rubbish on UK roads   In an effort to… Read More »

Motorists in Scotland found to be the ones most likely to have a driving conviction

And speeding is the worst of all driving convictions across the country New data gathered by has found that… Read More »

New on-the-spot fines for tired lorry drivers to be introduced

Fines up to £300 will be given to lorry drivers caught breaching their tachograph limit   The Government is set… Read More »

The most dangerous hard shoulders on Britain’s motorways revealed

With many of the worst having areas of ‘smart motorway’ with no hard shoulder   The Department for Transport’s (DfT)… Read More »

Female driver in Canada thinks she’s hit and killed a Coyote with her car

Turns out it’s alive and stuck in the car’s front grille!   A woman in Canada travelling in her car… Read More »

Have you ever forgotten to renew your MoT certificate in time?

The UK Government has made over £35million during the past five years in fines from late renewals   An MoT… Read More »

Do you renew your car insurance automatically rather than shop around?

New survey suggests by doing so drivers are paying more than they might need to   According to new research,… Read More »

Cycling UK say more needs to be done to raise awareness of ‘car-dooring’

According to the campaign group, careless opening of car doors is causing injury and death   Cycling UK say more… Read More »

If you had to take your theory test today, do you think you’d pass?

One study suggests many licence holders would be looking at a fail   If you had to take your theory… Read More »

More than 40% of Brits are considering buying an electric car over the next 10 years

Currently in the UK demand for EVs remains low with infrastructure still a big concern for many   According to… Read More »

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