Blue Badge permit theft on the increase

In four years the number of parking permit thefts have quadrupled   According to new figures, the theft of parking… Read More »

The number of cars left dumped on the side of the road triples in 5 years

Increase blamed on the rise of scrappage costs amongst other things   According to information gathered by via a… Read More »

Warning to drivers about the law related to moving out of the way of an emergency services vehicle

Do it wrong and you could be handed a fine!   Drivers are being warned about how moving out of… Read More »

Is driving with the interior light on an illegal act?

Many drivers believe that it is but what’s the real truth?   Driving with the interior light on in our… Read More »

UK Government rakes in record £92 million in one year from Dartford Crossing fines

A huge £32 million increase compared to the previous financial year   The UK Government raked in a record £92… Read More »

‘Supercab’ HGVs to be used by the police to catch offending drivers

Over 4,000 dangerous drivers caught during a trial on UK roads   A number of unmarked lorries are to be… Read More »

Warning to drivers on roundabouts when sharing space with a lorry

Drivers urged to stay behind and not undertake to give the lorry enough room   A warning is being issued… Read More »

Government considering restrictions for new drivers

Under new plans, night curfews could be introduced as well as lower speed limits   The UK Government is considering… Read More »

New study suggests drivers commonly take their eyes off the road for more than two miles over a one hour journey

Special glasses were fitted to a group of drivers to monitor their eye movements   According to new research carried… Read More »

Have you ever honked your horn in a moment of anger?

Using your car horn inappropriately could see you fined up to £1,000   Car horns – what are they really… Read More »

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