New survey reveals alarming tactics drink-drivers use to avoid being spotted by the police

Some even admit to chewing gum to try and get rid of the smell of alcohol!   The countdown to… Read More »

Morrisons tempt shoppers in by cutting fuel prices by 10p a litre

Spend £50 in store to receive a voucher for discounted fuel at Morrison’s petrol stations   The fight for your… Read More »

How to defrost your car the right way

Icy mornings are upon us but please don’t be tempted to switch the kettle on!   Icy mornings are upon… Read More »

Turns out women are the better drivers after all!

According to scientists men get distracted more easily leading to mistakes   It’s often remarked and joked about that women… Read More »

Examiners threaten 48-hour strike in December over controversial changes

Around 10,000 learner drivers could see their driving test cancelled as a result   Examiners in the UK are threatening… Read More »

Number of cars without tax increases by 1.8% in 2017

The UK Government is losing out on £107million per year as a result   The number of cars without tax… Read More »

Around one million motorists with poor vision are driving illegally on UK roads

Fears over safety by campaigners following a recent study   According to experts, around one million motorists with poor vision… Read More »

More than a quarter of motorists book in late for their MoT

Since 2012, over £35million in fines have been issued for late MoT’s   According to the Driver and Vehicle Standards… Read More »

Highways England to trial traffic lights on UK motorways in a bid to cut congestion

The scheme will start next month on the M6 and M62   In a bid to reduce the growing problem… Read More »

Motorists in the UK would like to see motorway pubs banned

Many would much prefer a big name supermarket to visit instead   A new survey has found that motorists in… Read More »

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